Reservoir Tanks

Reservoirs tanks are used to feed bulk fluids to a variety of dispensing valves. A range of sizes are available including bottom ported for medium to high viscosity liquids and top ported for low to medium viscosities. Stainless steel reservoir tanks are designed to maintain a steady fluid pressure for most dispensing applications, while providing excellent protection against corrosion or contamination.

Part Number TH-25Y TH-50Y TH-100Y TH-500Y
Capacity (L) 0.5L 2L 4L 20L
Air pressure(Mpa) 1-5KGF/CM less 5bar less 5bar less 5bar less 5bar
Material 304 s/s 304 s/s 304 s/s 304 s/s
Thickness 3mm 4mm 4mm 5.5mm
In-Diameter(mm) 82mm 120mm 180mm 258mm
In-height(mm) 108mm 173mm 234mm 344mm
Outer-Diameter(mm) 88mm 128mm 188mm 269mm
Outer-Height(mm) 120mm 181mm 251mm 360mm
Weight (kg) 1.7kg 4.5kg 8.6kg 22.3kg
Packing height 175mm 345mm 340mm 465mm
Packing width 150mm 190mm 280mm 360mm